For Parents

We hold parent’s evenings in order to give parents the opportunity to meet with teachers. In addition, we send home two reports a year. We have an open-door policy, and parents are welcome to make an appointment to see their child’s teacher at a mutually convenient time throughout the school year to discuss the student’s academic and social development. As a result of Covid19, many of our meetings have become virtual and this will continue to be an option even as things return to normal, as our parents value the convenience offered.

All staff members have a strong commitment to working in partnership with parents and will ensure they record any notable progress and achievement in your child’s diary so that you can celebrate their success at home!

Extracurricular Activities

Here at Liwa, we are dedicated in developing the students as a whole ready for life outside of school. In addition to our in curriculum academic program, we offer an extensive program of extracurricular activities in order to develop the student as a whole.

Program Design and Purpose

The purpose of the extracurricular program is aid development of the Liwa Core Competencies including leadership, communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and digital literacy skills. The carefully designed program at our school ensures that students are able to develop a range of skills throughout their school life, equipped for life, once they graduate from Liwa.

We offer a wide variety of activities each term that fit into the following categories: Sport and Exercise, Arts, Activities and Clubs.

Sports is a great way in which students develop Core Competency Skills within our extracurricular program. We have activities for both recreation sport and skill development as well as our elite performance programs in which students are preparing for external competitions.


Students are able to unlock their creative minds within our ‘Art’ clubs. Students get the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively.

Arts and Crafts
Talent Show
Public Speaking

Our extensive range of activity clubs are very popular and give the opportunity to:

  • A range of Core Competency Skills
  • Develop new and existing friendships
  • Experience learning a new skills
  • Trying a new activity not available during curriculum time

Kindergarten Activities

We offer a range of activities to our KG students which runs from 1:20pm – 2:00pm. Almost all students attend 2 activities per week which includes a variety of physical exercise as well as a development of phonics and STEM related skills.

Elementary, Middle and High School Activities

Whole school activities take place from 2:45pm – 3:30pm. With over 35 activities taking place during the week, 90% of the school population take part in the extracurricular program.


Parent Portal


Parents use the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals to view grades, attendance information, graduation progress, school bulletins, fee balances, and more. Using the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents can access real-time information about their students’ progress. For support, please contact IT Support at

Login to PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals


Class Dojo

To ensure that the school community stays connected, inside and outside the classroom, the leadership team and teachers use Class Dojo to keep parents updated on student progress and classroom and school happenings. Through Class Dojo, parents can see the class story and school story, feedback, and their child’s portfolio of activities.

Class Dojo can be accessed at and through the Class Dojo App, which can be found on both Apple App Store and Google Play. For support, please contact IT Support at

How to communicate

General Administration
Vice Principal Ms. Hiba Sleit
Assistant Principal (Pastoral) Ms. Deborah Lang (pastoral)
Inclusion Manager Ms. Lisa Bufton
IT Support Mr. Clint Sebastian
Mr. Jayesh Shobhana
Head Admin Ms. Rasha Faizy
Registration Ms. Nor Chaker
Section Administration
KG Lead Teacher Ms. Nyasha Mutyasera
Elementary Coordinator Ms. Ivona Luain
Secondary Assistant Vice Principal Mr. Martin Rowland
Head of Arabic Mr. Ahmad Yousef


Calendar from ADEK


School Uniform

The school uniform is included in LISM as standard and can be ordered from our supplier Zaks Uniforms.

Parents' Council

What a parent does at home has the greatest impact.

We are committed to working with parents as partners for their child’s education and engaging with them in many ways. We have therefore created a Parents Council as a means by which we can do this. The PAC is defined as the Parents’ Voice in matters concerning the interests and wellbeing of our children.

The council includes volunteer parents and LISM staff. The aims and objectives of the PAC are to support school-level decision-making and encourage the involvement of other parents through school community activities, voluntary work, and parents’ open evenings. LISM is grateful that parents are willing to donate their time and talents in this way.


LISM provides supervised transportation in air-conditioned buses. It is possible to book for one-way transportation only, bearing in mind that the transport fees are fixed (i.e., the same) irrespective of whether the student uses the bus one-way or two ways. Charges may be obtained from the school accountant.

*Transportation is available within Abu Dhabi Island only.

*Transportation fees: AED 3,760


Co-curricular calendar

LISM provides a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities to support authentic, engaging, and interdisciplinary student learning experiences. Clubs are designed to cultivate personal and social curiosity and confidence while promoting life-long health awareness. Specific extra-curricular activities such as sports, games, music, reading, homework, Quran, art & craft, Arabic, French, and Spanish are offered school-wide.

Situated in the thriving downtown Mushrif area of Abu Dhabi,

Liwa International School – Al Mushrif

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