LISM is proud to offer limited scholarships for Grade 11 students for the academic year 2022-2023.
These scholarships are worth up to 50% of the annual school fees. The High Achievers scholarships program is open to both current LISM student siblings and external candidates who can demonstrate excellence in academics, sport, or the expressive arts. Those who are accepted on the program, will benefit from additional support and guidance designed to nurture their talent and help them excel in their education.

LISM will grant scholarships to students who demonstrate the following:

  1. Demonstrate evidence of outstanding academic performance.
  2. Serve as ambassadors to the school and outside community.
  3. Demonstrate leadership & dedication in their academic, co-curricular activities, or community service.
  4. Are able to uphold the mission, vision & values of the school.

To be considered for the LISM High Achievers Scholarship and to proceed with the application, please read the below requirements and send the required documents to

You will also be required to complete the School Application Form. We cannot consider scholarship applications for any child for whom a school application form has not been received.


  • Personal Statement, authored by you stating why you are eligible for the High Achievers Scholarship.
  • Essay or a 3-5 minutes’ video, answering the following questions:
    • What opportunities do you hope will be presented having been awarded the LISM Scholarship?
    • What personal qualities will you contribute to the LISM?
    • What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
    • What are your special interests, hobbies or achievements that you would like the LISM Scholarship Committee to know about?
  • Authenticated copies of the last two years of school reports in order.

Before final selection:

  • Candidates will be invited to an interview by the School Principal and the LISM Scholarship Committee.
  • Candidates must pass the scholarship entry exam given by the school.

T&C Apply
*The LISM High Achievers Scholarship is highly competitive and will be awarded only in the Academic year 2022-2023 for Grade 11 students.
*The program offers students up to 50% off tuition fees.

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