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Our aim is to develop well-balanced students with the content knowledge and 21st-century skills for success in their post-school lives. Lessons are delivered by subject specialists who are led by school leaders with global experience. Our curriculum explores opportunities to develop our students’ understanding of Emirati national identity, innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

The school has a specialized and highly committed team that supports students with numerous award-winning projects in innovative and community-based competitions and initiatives.
Through our popular House System, all students participate in our extensive extra-curricular program, with clubs including public speaking, environment, charity, national identity, STEM, math, cooking, drama, art, and IT. House captains take on leadership responsibilities and make decisions on how to develop the House system further.

“Through the application of Edtech, we aim to make the access to learning anytime and anywhere possible.”

At LISM, we recognize that in today’s interconnected and technology-centric world, the learning environment can be virtual, online, remote as well as the physical place of learning such as a classroom or library. Through the application of Edtech, we aim to make the access to learning anytime and anywhere possible.
Developing students’ critical thinking and social engagement with Edtech is an essential ingredient to modern pedagogy.
The Liwa Education E-Learning portal is designed to support parents, students, and teachers to make effective use of the online learning opportunities within our schools to support achievement and engagement across all our subject areas.
We encourage you to take the time to understand more about the products and applications on offer and how they can be used to support anytime, anywhere learning and engagement.

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International Assessments

MAP® Growth™

MAP® Growth™ measures what students know and informs what they’re ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance. Timely, easy-to-use reports help teachers teach, students learn, and administrators lead.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a diagnostic assessment designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas known to make a difference in learning. CAT4 is available at seven different levels of difficulty. Schools use a child’s performance in a CAT4 to judge progress over the academic year and to make decisions regarding setting and streaming according to ability. It is a way for a school to understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses and to personalize learning and adapt teaching.

Beyond the classrooms

Students have opportunities to be part of the student council, where each grade & class has a representative and a whole school president, vice president, and historian. During break, there are sports competitions in which students can participate and win points for their house. Students will have opportunities to go on extra-curricular field trips throughout the year.Students are offered chances to participate in external competitions in reading, quizzes, sports, Quran recitation, and many others.

Our values

The core values that sit at the heart of the school and will be modeled by staff and promoted in the students through our teaching, learning and everyday practice are:






Wellbeing and pastoral care

At LISM, a key focus is ensuring the safety and well-being of the students in our care. In order to do so, we build strong relationships between teacher and student to develop bonds of trust. All students have an assigned staff member to turn to if needed. (See below)

  • Each class is assigned a homeroom teacher meeting every morning for 10 minutes.
  • We have social workers and section supervisors to support students throughout the school.
  • Assemblies are hosted to speak about current topics.
  • As students’ progress through Middle and High school, they are introduced to careers lessons. In these lessons, they are taught valuable skills for their further education. They have the support of a careers counselor to guide them in their subject selection and guidance for university applications.
  • Students are monitored throughout the day in classes, during breaks, and during dismissal as part of our safeguarding procedures. We also believe in developing strong links with the home so that we can work together to support students.

Our Pastoral (well-being) care team

(Emotional, Academic Support Team)

Ms. Deborah Lang

Assistant Principal (Pastoral)

Mr. Martin Rowland

Assistant Vice Principal(Middle and High School)

Amera Mahfoz

Social Worker

Said Moustafa

Social Worker

Activities and clubs

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of clubs which are designed to enhance their learning and to enrich their interests and to try new things. Once each term, information is shared with students and parents to allow them to sign up for clubs. Some clubs that we have delivered include: Qur’an Kareem and Recitation, Arabic Language, Basketball, Spanish, Cooking and Mindfulness. Students are also encouraged to participate in external events as run by ADEK where we facilitate the means to ensure students can take part. At LISM we also have a very active Student and Executive Student Council, who are elected annually. Students have the opportunity to share their ideas and to represent their classmates. In doing so they are helping to make LISM even more successful.

Our teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and innovative practitioners who cultivate a lifelong love of learning by providing an exceptional balance of support and challenge for each of our students. Our teachers are highly qualified and approved to teach the American Curriculum.

Careers and higher education

At LISM we believe in helping prepare students for their future to ensure they get the best start in their adult lives. We have a dedicated career counselor to help assist students to focus their studies, prepare for IELTS and EMSATS and to help with applications to college. At LISM students from G7 are given a specially tailored careers curriculum to ensure that not only are they prepared academically for the future but also socially and emotionally.

Frequently asked questions

Ensure that your child is forming reading habits at least 20 minutes per day. When your child is facing academic difficulties, reach out for their teachers for advice.

It is essential that parents become a part of our team, cooperating together by guiding their child to choose the right path. Teachers will guide parents on pre-requisite skills that will help the student be successful in our Advanced path, and advise on additional support a student might need if he/she does not meet the prerequisite requirements.

AP English language, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mechanics, and AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism.

The LISM Diploma allows you to access any university globally and nationally.

Situated in the thriving downtown Mushrif area of Abu Dhabi,

Liwa International School – Al Mushrif

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